Roofing System

The materials that we use for manufacturing are of high quality Galvalume, PPGI, G.I., CR and high tensil steel for Pre-Fab structures and are sourced from the best manufacturer.

Technical specification of Accumech Building Systems Pvt. Ltd. Pre-coated G.I. Steel

Technical specification of Accumech Building Systems Pvt. Ltd. Pre-coated G.I. Steel
Substrate IS 513 Cold Rolled Steel Coils
Tensile Strength 240 Mpa-550 Mpa
Galvanizing As per IS 277
Zinc Coating 120 GSM – 150 GSM
Pre-painting IS 14246
Type of Coating RMP/SMP
Total Coated Thickness (TCT) 0.50mm – 0.80mm
Technical Specification of Galvalume
Substrate 55% Aluminum, 43.4% Zinc & 1.6% Silicon
Tensile Strength 550Mpa
Coating Standard As per AS 1397-1993
Coating Mass AZ 150
Base Metal High Tensile Steel
Total Coated Thickness (TCT) 0.47mm- 0.60mm

Accumech Hi Rib roofing profile is manufactured from Pre-painted galvanized steel (PPGI)/Al-Zn alloy coated steel (Bare Galvalume) and color coated Al-Zn alloy coated steel (Color Coated Galvalume) with a cover width of 1010mm, overall width of 1050mm, pitch of 200mm and a crest height of 30mm with two stiffening Hi Ribs in between. Accumech Hi Rib roofing can be fixed on both roof and wall cladding and any slope and height as per the designer's choice


DATA TABLE Thickness of Base Metal (mm) Thickness of Total Coated (mm) Mass Per Unit Area (Kg./m2)
Galvalume – AZ 150, 550Mpa (Bare) 0.42 0.47 4.28
Color Coated Galvalume –AZ 150, 550 Mpa 0.45 0.50 4.40
Color Coated Galvanized Steel- AZ-120 GSM, 240 Mpa 0.45 0.50 4.50

Accumech Clip Clip Lock Roofing System:
This profile is designed to be fixed to roof purlins or wall cladding in order to have a puncture free roof with concealed fastening. This system is manufactured from Galvalume- Bare and Color Coated and PPGI. The profile is formed in the standard width of 435mm with a pitch if 217.50mm and crest height of 41mm. Accumech Clip-Clip Lock system is available up-to any length depending upon the requirement of the size.


Accumech roofing sheet is available in the following base materials in standard execution.

Description Total Coated Thickness (mm) Approx. mass per unit area Kg/m2 Approx. mass coverage m2/mT
Bare Galvalume 0.47mm 5.16 193.79
Color Coated Galvalume 0.50mm 5.50 181.80
Color Coated Galvalume 0.55mm 6.04 165.56
Color Coated Galvalume 0.58mm 6.40 156.25

Accumech Clip Lock roofing profile is fixed using specially designed clips, for strongly holding the roofing panels. While using these clips, the lap is placed just clear of and on the high side of the clip. These clips provide allowance for expansion.

Accumech Crimp
Accumech Crimp Profile – Accumech Hi Rib profiles are available in concave and convex curved sheets to give architectural aesthetic to the building. The minimum recommended radius is 500mm.


Accumech Deck
Accumech Deck can be used as composite floor system or as a permanent form work. The fast and simple installation of this high strength platform gives immediate access to a walking platform. It save considerable construction time which in turn saves in overall cost, safety and accessibility of the project.

Accumech Deck is cold formed in 44mm depth, 130mm pitch, cover width of 910mm and overall width of 960mm out of galvanized and HR Coils in the thickness of 0.80mm to 2.5mm.